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Below are testimonials I have received throughout my schooling and internship experiences.  I feel so blessed to have worked with such amazing and inspirational people!

Benjamin L. Ballagh
Patient Services Manager - Dining & Nutrition
Carilion Clinic - Roanoke Memorial Hospital



""Amanda Gilley is my hero. I have had the honor to work with her and I see so many qualities in Amanda that I aspire to obtain. Amanda has an inquisitive nature that propels her success in many arenas. Her curiosity and pursuit of wisdom draw people to her; she is a natural leader. I admire these things with sincere respect and awe.

Amanda seeks to make a positive impact on people's lives through nutrition. Her capacity for knowledge is magnificent and second only to her dedication to her vision and values. I can think of no finer addition to any team than Amanda. She is one of a kind and I am blessed for being able to spend a short amount of time with her."

​Deb Chappell, Extension Agent
Family and Consumer Sciences
Virginia Cooperative Extension - Roanoke Office

"Here are some words to describe the attributes to describe my time with Amanda:

Does well under pressure, handled big responsibilities well, was organized, set priorities, good planning skills, was focused and goal oriented, communicated well with trainees and was well liked, worked hard with a great work ethic, was mature beyond her years. She was an asset to our office – her energy and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated."


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